Custom-branded Mobile Apps

Data captured from the field, in real-time, matters most. Equip your team with a custom-branded mobile app (for smartphones, tablets, laptops AND desktops) to ensure that the info collected in the field is accurate.

Leverage sophisticated scripting, form logic and advanced programming to inspect everything from freezer temperatures to inventory counts - and anything in between.

Date and time-stamped pictures, geo-tags and photo meta-data analysis ensure there are no errors and no falsification.

Real-time Intelligence & Reporting

Observe and Act on your data in real-time, as it arrives from the field. The Prism Reporting Dashboard is fully-integrated with the mobile apps to bring you information immediately.

Even better, your audit data correlates directly with all your other data channels (mystery shops, customer satisfaction surveys, opinion polling, etc.) to  bring ALL your critical business intel together in one place.

Businesses committed to the most advanced data capture available rely on Prism.


Prism Audit Features

Hierarchical Access & Control: Ensure only the right people can collect the data and view the data.

Sophisticated Functionality: Leverage the most advanced form and question logic to deploy cutting-edge inspections.

Risk Assessment & Analysis: Document, manage and assess risks (and capture Best Practices) across the organization.

Multi-Channel Data Capture: PRISM's platform is fully-integrated, allowing businesses to compare Mystery Shop, Customer Satisfaction, Opinion Poll, Survey and Audit data together in the same place. Weighted and correlated for maximum efficacy.




Prism Audit Benefits

Your Data Drives ACTION: Data alone is informative, but impotent. To make a difference, it must compel change. Prism's proprietary Team Action Module is engineered to take observations from the field and use them to drive immediate, positive change. To learn more about this industry-leading resource, click here.

Fully-Integrated Data and Reporting: Acquire and Assess ALL your data in the same place. Capture, Trend and Review everything together - and make your data matter.

Precise Process Control:
When error-free accuracy is critical, Prism's tools ensure protocol is adhered to.