Sophistication made easy

Business leaders rely on fast, accurate data to manage their brand and drive excellence - but their time is too valuable to spend scrutinizing reports with a microscope. Prism's Reporting Dashboard allows decision makers to explore their data anytime they want (even as it comes in from the field) to identify trends, patterns and opportunities. Compare everything: Regions, Locations, Questions, Sections - and spot outliers in an instant. Track Top and Bottom Performers - see it all - consume it all. Make informed decisions.

Take a tour of Prism Intelligence's Client Dashboard

Customized or Standardized: Effortlessly. Visualize and Explore Your Data Your Way

One size does not fit all, and the Prism Reporting Dashboard has been engineered to accommodate every user's preferences - and deliver data displays in every imaginable way: Custom client branding, Custom Reports, Custom User Access permissions, landing pages, data exports - everything can be tailored to suit everyone's needs with a click.

And for fans of standardization: we've got you covered too! You don't need to do a thing. Use our suite of powerful, pre-built reports AND/OR tell us what you want. We'll build it for you - and can apply it to all user accounts in an instant. If there is a report you need that you don't see, let us know. We'll create it. We're a data software company. It's literally what we do.


Raw Data Exports - On Demand

The Dashboard is not the only place (or the only way) to consume your data. Prism's system was built on the principle that it is Your Data. And you can get it any way you want. Any time you want.

Reports of every type can be exported on any schedule (including real-time) via API, FTP, sFTP and Email - in a variety of formats from Excel, CSV, to SPSS. So, if you have an existing data visualization! Your data is on the way. And in keeping with our custom user experience commitment: everyone can get their reports when convenient for them: Every Monday at 8am? Fine. The first day of every month? Sure. Every two minutes from now until the end of time? Not a problem.

Reports come in every format too - so if you want media files attached, machine language, etc. click, click and done!


Dynamic Reports - Interactive Field Data

The Dashboard is designed to show users everything, from the top down - but at the granular, location level is where action matters - and Prism's Dynamic Location Reports are the best in the industry - with everything from period-over-period sectional changes, performance trending versus region/division/corporate, integrated media (audio, video and images) and so much more!

How Much More? How about reports that update live as new data comes in? Ours do! Reports that allow for Question Level Commenting - so that management and   staff can have a documented dialog within the document? Yep! Best of all, Requests for Attention:  Whenever you have a question or concern on a report, simply click the RFA button and communicate directly with the people involved in the report for clarification and correction.