Find Out - Fast

Thousands of responses within 24 to 48 hours. And thousands more within the week - the PRISM Opinion Polling system reaches a massive panel eager to share sentiment about everything from brands and products, to politics, the economy, dining preferences and more.


Two Powerful Approaches: Standard & Crowdsourced

The Standard Model (where a panel of demographically-filtered respondents is identified and solicited for feedback) can be easily and effectively deployed on PRISM - and 1,000,000 panelists ensure you can find what you are looking for.

However, there is another way: faster, less expensive and capable of delivering far more data. PRISM's Crowdsourced Opinion Polling presents your questions to the entire panel at once - often yielding thousands of responses in the first day. And with all the demographic data points available, researchers can filter for any combination of attributes, not just the predetermined ones.

The Standard Model can tell you, for example, how 70-80 year old grandmothers whose primary vehicles are motorcycles feel about anything from the Presidential Debates to a new Menu Item. But the Crowdsourced Model can tell you that, plus how 25-35 year old college graduates feel about the same things.

However you want to probe the public for it's thoughts and feelings, PRISM's Opinion Polling tools deliver!

Quickly poll 1,000,000 panelists via mobile phones, tablets, and PCs

Snapshot reporting OR in depth demographic opinion poll reports

In-depth opinion poll reporting broken down by demographic