Survey Your Core Customer Base

Prism Customer Surveys can be delivered in a variety of ways: from integrated systems sending out personalized Surveys whenever a customer makes a transaction, to email Survey campaigns, to Opt-in on-site feedback forms - and everything in between. We understand that capturing the voice of the customer is critical.

Making it convenient (and rewarding) for your customers to contribute are the two keys to any Satisfaction Measurement program's success.

For convenience, Prism's system allows customers to respond any way they want: via mobile device, computer, telephone or on-site tablet. And for rewards...read on.


Feedback Drives Repeat Business

Customer Satisfaction data is valuable and people expect (and deserve) to be rewarded for providing it. To incentivize customers - and help ensure customer experience feedback is provided by a representative sample - Prism allows businesses to award coupons as Thank You's for participation.

These coupons motivate customers to return again, turning your Customer Satisfaction Survey Program into a sales-driver/revenue-generator as well.

In addition, Prism rewards some participants with internal profile recognitions when they make meaningful contributions to your survey program.